Big Lie 1 Objective = Complete. Initiate Big Lie 2.0 and Pillars 4.1…

TLAMN Incoming

The below info and Orgs, Actions, Announcements, Pivots etc. are connected! Those who recognise or can answer the questions win a Prize! Seriously.

The Big Lie is the term used by the §527s, their Subs/Stand-Alone 501(c)4 and (c)3, associated University Schools of Journalism (Four in particular; two as Leads) & Think Tanks, Financial Sponsors (Three Types, remember?) Carey Committees (Hybrids, PAC and SuperPAC), PACs, Supers and the PCCs. It’s a term that appeared on-radar this Spring and reinforced weekly via Conf. Calls and Zoom Meetings, 1x/wk/2hrs per Lead Org, 1x/Fortnight/5hrs Lead Org as Recap and Advanced Lvl; Partnership Orgs, Coalition Orgs also contributed to this Groupthink and yes, Facebook was THE Highest Value Target. Dear Twitter & Gab; Boosh and #CalledIt.

Campers, ensure you’re reading me and it’s 5×5 across the damn board. This two years ban did not happen because of corporate motivation! For example, the latest Facebook memo?…

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