Trump Season 5 heats up

Babylon's Doom

Up to this point Trump season 5 has been mostly boring compared to the chaos and high drama of season 4. With a fugitive Chinese billionaire on the hook Steve Bannon has maneuvered himself into the leadership of what was left of Trumpism, but with no help from Trump who has almost disappeared from view. My favorite new character is Mike Lindell the rogue pillow oligarch who is a veritable firehouse of election conspiracy bullshit. Bannon’s move is to flood the zone with bullshit while the long boring and complicated process of getting the hard evidence of massive election fraud goes through. Mike Lindell is great copy and he will even start talking about the vaccinations is the mark of the beast if you let him go on, but like a wild fire hose he can get completely out of control with Bannon getting slapped around while desperately trying to…

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