Traitorous Criminals Risking The Lives Of Humanity

The Fascist New World Order

How many different ways can you say these people are scum? I didn’t know anything about vaccines until two years ago, my girlfriend took me to see a documentary, Vaxxed 2.

I then realized that many people had been injured by vaccines, some that they admitted, billions paid out in the US vaccine compensation court, but possibly as many as five to ten percent of the population that go uncompensated, if they even know it happened.

This is the kind of scum, won’t let you leave your house, get a job, see your family unless you take a deadly shot, and then say you should have known better than to take it, due diligence he says as he killed and injured more people than covid this year by “listening to the expert advice”.

Not only didn’t I know about the potential of these poisons causing autism and that…

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