The World Has Had Enough Of Compliance With Tyranny

The Fascist New World Order

I’m talking to two very different types of people these days, those who cling to big brother as though the government was a family member that you could trust to call you selfish filthy animals for protesting a fascist dictatorship taking over your country, and those who get it.

There’s not many people who are on the fence at this point, they either believe that the government is doing this for your health and safety, or they believe they’re absolute scum trying to black mail people with the fact that old people die of the flu to steal all your money and enslave you.

This woman had both legs and hands amputated after getting blood clots, after a covid vaccine, but they say she got covid, so would she have been better off if she hadn’t had the covid vaccine and taken ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine? Probably. This is why they…

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