The role of Israel and UN in Saudi war of aggression against Yemen

The Wall Will Fall

Vanessa Beeley
UK Column

The US, UK-backed neo-colonialist war against Yemen enters its fifth year. The Saudi alliance of aggression has pulverised entire swathes of Yemeni territory, decimated infrastructure, bombed hospitals into oblivion – all with armaments and weapons systems supplied by the UK/US military industrial complex.

Despite the illegitimacy of this aggression, NATO member states and UN agencies have done little more than to offer lip-service to the inevitable dire “humanitarian” consequences of such a punitive war that collectively targets the Yemeni people and popular resistance movement, standing firm against decades of corrupt and resource-plundering Saudi/US/UK coalition occupation.

The West’s hypocrisy when shedding crocodile tears over the externally imposed humanitarian disaster in Yemen

In January of this…

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