The Covid lies, who is behind them and what do they want.

The Wall Will Fall

Written by David Lawrenson

I have been convinced for some time that the whole lockdown and “vaccine” drive is actually not really about public health, if it ever was. After all, this is a disease 99.85% survive.

It is now my view that there is probably something more sinister going on.

I say this because, despite the censorship happening in the UK under the powers in the Coronavirus Emergency Powers Act, which has led to censoring of respected scientists and a staggering propaganda effort, one can still fairly easily find lots of serious scientific articles which cast doubt on what we are seeing happening.

Indeed, a great deal that has been sold to the public as “facts” are not facts, but are very much in dispute. To call them facts is in fact a lie.

I will look in detail at these dodgy “facts” later, in detail, in this piece…

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