Liberalism: the two-faced tyranny of wealth

The Wall Will Fall

Published by, Organic Radicals

1. The rule of money

2. Liberalism as deception

3. Liberalism and fascism

4. Fake “lessons from history”

5. A spectacle of lies

6. Case study: Macronist France

7. Conclusions

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1. The rule of money

execution of charlesI

The spring of 1649 was a time of unprecedented hope for the people of England. Civil war had turned to revolution, King Charles I had lost his head and a republic had been declared.

The victorious “roundhead” parliamentary army which had defeated the royalist “cavaliers” was heavily imbued with the radical ideas of the Levellers and at St George’s Hill in Surrey a little group of rural rebels were setting out to reclaim the land as a “common treasury for all”. (1)

But the hope did not last and the moment turned out to be the high water mark of popular revolt. The agitators of the New Model Army were crushed…

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