An Analysis of the “Trollface”

Welcome to the Void

(depicted sigil)

The internet being a vessel of interaction between parties external display of consciousness, has given rise to very real
spiritual currents and various archetypes. In this case we shall explore “the Trollface,” and its relation to the exchange of blood essence through digital-vampyrism, enacted via so-called ‘trolling,’ an act for those not familiar of the term, consisting of intentional, though often not long term, forms of harassment and or induced shock and trauma in the particularly weak willed, through means such as the pulling of various delicate psychological strings, or more blatantly uncoordinated and more so un-tolerated efforts, such as the posting of Gore or spamming of racial slurs (which can also serve to further our Satanic Jihad against antievolutionary parties).

The “Trollface,” originally arose as critique of such behavior, much as the Judaic peoples held Satan to be known as an “Adversary,” however those in-the-know are perhaps…

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