Preprandial Epiphany: saving our Country before dinner

ST Unleashed!

I just have a few minutes before I hafta cook dinner, but I need to share:

I’m writing an article on Prez Nideb’s determined attempt to eliminate single family zoning in America’s suburbs. As usual I surround any issue I decide to write about by reading a plethora of related articles until I realize I have way too much material; it is time to stop gathering and begin casting away.

Somewhere in the morass, I read about the increasing racial heterogeneity of America. If you look just at numbers, we are becoming a polyglot, mongrelized nation, not so much a nation as a holding pen.

But guess what: that’s really primarily happening in the cities. Rural America is generally still made up of descendants of the German, Scots-Irish, castoff English folk we started with.

Any polity composed of closely packed people who do not speak a common language and various…

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