Great Reset: Neo-Marxism, the ideology of the new world order

Transverse Waves

Critical theory is the basic ideology of the new worldview: destruction of society, the family and the human being.

“The abolition of the social conditions that are currently inhibiting development is indeed the next historical goal.” With this statement, Max Horkheimer summed up the teaching of the so-called “critical theory” of the “Frankfurt School”.

Even today, “critical theory” forms the basis of the neo-Marxist conviction, which has gained in power and influence through leading politicians in the West, including Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden’s string-pullers such as Kamala Harris and her Antifa and BLM puppets. The goal: the fundamental disintegration of social structures, starting with national feeling, religion, folk traditions and private property through to the disintegration of the social core itself, the family, the parent-child relationship and the identity of the individual himself, such as with gender theory.

Being and reality of people and their way…

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