$4.7 trillion for race quotas and climate mania

Transverse Waves

Biden destroys the dollar

While inflation in the US is already the highest in decades, Joe Biden plans to spend an additional $4.7 trillion on “infrastructure”, “climate” and “redistribution”. Republican Lindsey Graham threatened spectacular action Wednesday.

In order to cram his wish list of climate justice, redistribution and race ideology through, Joe Biden with his “rescue package” – the largest increase in money in the history of the world – divided it into two packages: an “ infrastructure package” worth 1.2 trillion dollars, which, however, as well as roads and bridges includes spending on “climate” and e-mobility, which is to be passed with the votes of the Republicans in order to suggest non-partisanship; and a second $ 3.5 trillion package, primarily devoted to racial equality and social redistribution, to be passed purely on party lines.

In March, the Biden government pushed through an additional $1.9 trillion for “Corona emergency aid,”…

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