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Thrift. That’s a word. It’s a word that, upon some mean reflection, I can see is barely used in today’s world. Today being the ides of June, as we approach the eve of July. It ties together, In that July used to be a month to consider at length the nature of freedom. Now there’s a day for it, for now, where we might consider the loss of what we had, and the barely forestalled efforts of the government to repeal it forthwith from our vocabulary. Or at least subtly change the parameters so that the words have little meaning for most, which they have done. Well, and how.

Thrift, I say. What is Thrift? A good Yankee will know the word because there are “thrift” stores. Even these are becoming a joke. (We’re looking at you, (((Goodwill Industries.))) Thrift is a forgotten virtue, a good unto itself. You won’t…

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