Fashy Gainz and Morrakiu discuss the volcano demon; Christian heresy; a government funded program in the 60s involving administering LSD to dolphins which, unsurprisingly, ended with CIA glowniggers having sex with dolphins; Roman Emperor Hadrian, and conflicts with Judea including Kito’s War; homeschooling; our responsibility to future generations of whites; transgenderism as female blackface; blackpilling conversations with normiecons; why babies smell so good; hepatitis infections; and the punishment that will be meted out to triators when we win.My Telegram and TikTok: @HirschelLBInstagram: Post Telegram: friend’s Patreon: Bitcoin: 12dHGBBsukqPhosh98oPPN6dtGoypfYxkcDonate Litecoin: LTvPYkh3FMepCk7453da8wfSCphkRdEFKB

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