Why Ethnic Pluralism is Necessary

Political Reactionary

Ethnic nationalism is the natural form of nationalism. Moreover, it is the only viable form of nationalism. In fact, term nationalism itself comes from Latin “natio”, which means “birth”. Thus, “nation” is a group of people who share the same descent – which is to say, genetic origin. Term “genetic” itself comes from a “gene”, which comes from Latin “gens”, meaning “people, tribe”; “gens” itself comes from proto-Indo-European “genhtis”, which means “birth, production”.

Ethnic nationalism is a natural extension of the basic social unit, which is family. Under ethnic nationalism, the entire nation is one large extended family. Much like a family serves to help preserve and continue one’s own genetic signature, so an ethnic group is supposed to preserve and continue its own genetic code. By contrast, civic nationalism is a communist version of nationalism, where anyone can become a member of the family. It is a natural extension…

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