Decoding the Leftist Language

Political Reactionary

Inspired by:

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Racist discrimination against the White people in terms of hiring and representation. Replacing the

ANTIFA. According to the Left, heroic fighters against Fascism and racism. In reality, a group of thugs who use violence to help enforce their Communist (Progressive) ideas.

ANTIFASCISM. Organized promotion of Communism, mainly in form of opposition to traditionalist ideologies. Unlike what the term “antifascism” implies, most of these ideologies are themselves opposed to Fascism, but the Left still lumps them under the term “fascism”, simply because they are opposed to Communism.

ASSAULT RIFLE. According to the Left, a spawn of devil. In reality, assault rifle is a fully automatic rifle, oftentimes with the selective fire option, designed to provide suppression fire during infantry assaults. Semi-automatic rifles for civilian use, such as AR-15, are not assault rifles despite the Left lumping them in the same category.


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