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I'll make a note that I was wrong. When the Kung Flu Express opened up its doors in the US Embassy, I reckoned it would all be over soon. After all, I've been spoiled with the Eternal Return of the American news cycle. Because my countrymen have been pampered to have such short attention spans, the News Media Complex has to rotate stories in fairly quick succession for to keep them hooked up to their Dopamine IV drip. So when this began what feels like a century ago, I gathered it would be a month or so. I was wrong. Of all the apocalypses I have lived through, this is simultaneously the most impressively dissapointing, dissapointingly impressive - if you like. Consider: the world; brought to a grinding halt - by a tickle in the back of a histrionic monkey's throat. Will the wonders ever cease? Lo! I built a…

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