“Who Are We Europeans?” Based paper published by the University of Helskini [Yamnaya, Corded Ware, Bell Beakers]

Great article man


The University of Helsinki recently published a based paper, authored by the archaeologist Volker Heyd, titled Yamnaya, Corded Wares, Bell Beakers: Or how to conceptualize events of 5000 years ago that shaped modern Europe.

Overall, the essay is written with a neutral tone, but Heyd is quite fearless nonetheless: He denies social constructionism, defends ethnic identity, defines European racial identity, validates prewar archaeology, and even indirectly implies that the (so-called) “European migration crisis” is comparable to genocidal colonialism and a net-negative for native Europeans. He calls out population replacement, and explicitly refers to so-called “New Europeans” (non-White immigrants) as “foreigners.”

Quoting the entire essay (minus some of the intro) below the line…

Not every archaeologist will like the fact that ethnic dimensions are back on the dinner table since the first publication of third millennium whole-genome evidence in 2015 (Heyd 2017). As for now and probably for another couple of…

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