OPSEC/InfoSec 101: How to not get doxed and how to encrypt your hardware


  • For encryption advise see this article by Resurrection Europa.
  • The basic advise on how to not get doxed featured in this article is taken directly from this Twitter thread.
  • I also have a generalized digital OPSEC PDF on my HD somewhere. I’ll edit it into this post when I find it.


I’m sure most people reading this blog are completely aware of this fact, but sometimes it’s worth reminding everyone: Our enemies want us all dead. We aren’t in a silly, harmless “culture war,” at the end of which we’ll simply shake hands with the opposition, announce that “the best man won,” and then calmly walk away to quietly deal with the consequences. This isn’t a polite political disagreement, but a colossal, civilization-scale conflict for the continued existence of our people. This conflict will never reach a peaceful resolution because our enemies have never, at any point…

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