Israeli Miltary Threatens to Bomb a Lebanese School on Twitter. 300 Children are at Immediate Risk.

Digital Empire

This was posted by some guy named Joe Truzman 2 hours ago.

The IDF has published video of a #Hezbollah weapons storage site located in front of a school in the village of Ebba #Lebanon. #Israel


To the uninitiated, this would take on the appearance of a spontaneous discovery by heroic nerds wishing to excercise “Israel’s right to defend itself.”

But then you, the perceptive one, begin to ask: what were these nerds doing spying on foreign territory? And why is the video a computer generated mockup, as opposed to a live feed? And where is the evidence? And why is it always children that these nerds are obsessed with?

The answer lies with sychophantic mentality. It’s a long observed behavior that is unique only to Israelis (and American military generals of Khazar descent). It’s a brazen projection by the IDF of their imminent intent to bomb a school…

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