The Truth Movement and America missed their chance.

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After the shock of the September 11 attacks on America a significant amount of the American people began to become skeptical and wondered if there was something more to it. Many New Yorkers thought it was an “inside job” People like Alex Jones and David Icke became underground stars. For those who studied the mater more deeply they would come to notice and share stories about the so called “dancing Israelis” google that now “Dancing Israelis”. This story is being erased from history. Recall that Trump used the phrase “Dancing Arabs” He was trying to get people to notice the real story. Trump is gone and that story is also gone.

If Americans Knew on Twitter: "FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad  Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks| Information released by the FBI on 5.9.2019  brought fresh scrutiny to the possibility that the “Dancing

The NYPD and FBI made arrest of Israeli nationals on 911 but nothing became of it. The were many aressest but the so called 5 ‘DancingIsraelis” were at the center of the story.

Law enforcement and in…

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