The Sophistication of the Ancients

The Apollonian Transmission

Some may imply that my “reading in” gives ancients too much credit, that there is something of the “New Ageist” in my analysis, where “ancient Myth contains all knowledge or wisdom.” That these myths are instead primarily subconscious manifestations whose meanings we may only idly speculate as a kind of pleasurable pastime. After all, the ancients were every bit as benighted as ourselves.

But this is decidedly false, as both my analysis and the JEM will corroborate. To be clear, I do not assert great numbers had access to the truths I reveal, nor will they have great access to them in the future. Instead, through every period, this access is limited to a “ruling” few.

In open and relatively “Apollonian” periods of Aryan dominion, perhaps, it seems possible that these conditions persisted because most men are incurious of these things, confidently leaving them to priests, scholars, and artists. This…

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