THE GREAT RESET: ‘Eugenics’, The Fourth Industrial Revolution & The Clash of Two Systems – By Matthew Ehret


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  • “…One of the primary forces who would guide the application of the anti-creative science of empire was Fabian Society leader and Cambridge Apostle, Lord Bertrand Russell and his cohort David Hilbert who launched a new project in 1900 that would attempt to shackle the entire universe into a very small mathematical box devoid of all creative vitality. This box would soon take on the name “cybernetics” and “information systems theory” by disciples of Russell and Hilbert. This system would later serve as the foundation for the growth of Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’

Eugenics, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Clash of Two Systems

By Matthew Ehret

Today’s world is gripped between two possible futures: on the one hand,a multipolar alliancein defense of sovereign nation states has organized itself around a paradigm of long-term thinking, scientific optimism and win-win cooperation, while…

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