THE COVID CIRCLE: Boris weds, Hancock cornered, Sedwill & Wuhan, Fauci & bioweapons, Biden & China, Murdoch the media rebel, World Bank & Stanley Johnson

The Slog

‘Everything is connected’: one of my favourite Buddhist mantras. But as the pace of Covid/Vaccine events hots up, everyone involved in its very public life is showing behaviours that exemplify the Universal law. This stretches from Fauci to Hancock via Pfizer “development”, beyond Covid19 to the vaccines problem and out into the geopolitics of Wuhan virus “escape” where new Slog research this week shows a conclusive Sino-American interdependence….and then links back to the ever-present Sir Mark Sedwill….and the PM’s father Stanley.

Even the secret wedding of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds smacks of cynical media-spin timing; it has pushed the Hancock-hunting off the front pages this morning….but not entirely banished it.

It’s now becoming clear that Hancock did lie to the Covid Inner Circle about NHS patients “being tested” before being dispatched, did ignore NHS guidelines at one point, and did exclude the need for testing in the Dept of…

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