“All Life-Years Matter” — On the Corona-Panic’s social and economic costs vs. Covid-deaths; an Appeal to the Pro-Panic side

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(See also previous recent posts: “Where are the high-profile opinion-leaders for the Corona Anti-Panic Side?” (Feb. 20); “Wuhan-Corona vs. previous flu-waves: You’ve lived through these, unaware, many times;” and all posts on the Corona-Panic.)

All Life-Years Matter

Short Version / Summary of Content (800 words).

(Full version, 6100 words, follows.)

Moral Premise: All human time (“life-years”) has value.

Background: To the extent the “Pro-Panic vs. Anti-Panic” debate on the 2020-21 Wuhan-Coronavirus consists of rational argument (a big qualification), the Pro-Panic side’s Achilles Heel is how easy it is to demonstrate the following Thesis: FAR more life-years are lost to the effects of the Panic and Response than to the Virus, and it’s not even close.

Problem: The concepts of “life-years” (against “lives”), and “lost life-years,” “life-years lost to the effects of…

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