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  • by Taxi
    The US ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea, thinks she’s smarter than Hassan Nasrallah. Yet, evidence shows that since Trump appointed her as ambassador to Lebanon back in February 2020, every dastardly trap she has placed before Mr. Nasrallah and his Hezbollah resistance group has failed.  Proof of this failure is that Hezbollah keeps growing stronger […]
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    Grrrrreetings good fellows and fellowettes!  Till I get it together to post up a new article, this page will be open for comments on current affairs: a continuation of the thread from the last article here, in the hope that it helps readers who access Plato’s via their phones. My techie is recovering from a […]
  • by Taxi
    From rocks to rockets.  This is now the recorded evolution of the armed Palestinian Resistance.  From throwing Intifada rocks that barely scratched occupation tanks, to lobbing rockets that can now reach anywhere in Israel: this is presently the undeniable status of the Palestinian Resistance.  Hard, therefore, not to deduce that some impressive progress has been […]
  • by Taxi
      “Hands off Jerusalem and its people.”  This is the first, foremost and non-negotiable condition that the Palestinian Resistance is demanding, in exchange for halting rocketry at Israel. But it’s falling on the deaf ears of the terrorist Jewish government, as its military continues pounding hard at civilian targets in Gaza.  R.I.P. to the Gaza […]
  • by Taxi
    We have entered a new era in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  The old days of Israel committing war crimes against the downtrodden, captive Palestinians are over.  The world has done zero to address Israel’s fundamental crime of nation-stealing: a megalith crime that can only be described as the longest and most vicious war crime in our […]
  • by Taxi
    A warrior’s soul sleeps in his fist.  Wakes in his fist.  Till his dying breath, will exist in his fist. No gun and no mortal danger can unfold this fist.  A warrior will live and die with his fist clenched. This is not for love of violence nor for the thrills of war.  Not because […]
  • by Taxi
    The kindest thing we can say about Joe Biden is that he is a proven scatterbrain whose physical and cognitive daily life depends on his wife’s vigilant handling of his word and foot.  She is forever present wherever he is: whispering to him his forgotten word, and showing him where podium and exit door is.  […]
  • by Taxi
    Wherever there is mass murder in the Middle East, there you find the Israeli fingerprint.  And it was always forever thus.  Time and time again, since 1948, Israel has demonstrated that it solves all its regional problems with violent terroristic solutions that change the political and geostrategic equation in its favor.  Time and time again, […]
  • by Taxi
    Running out of time, and desperate to gather focus and forces to fast pivot east to confront a rapidly rising Chinese superpower, America is currently arranging for its exit from the Middle East in a way that militarily secures its allies and proxies there, especially that of Israel.  Naturally, it has to pick a top […]
  • by Taxi
    Nothing sends chills down the spine of Israel more than the mere mention of the name ‘Hezbollah’.  Nothing, no superpower nor hurtling supernova petrifies Israel more than the existence of Hezbollah’s muscle and missile at its doorstep.  Israel does not fear Egypt; it does not fear Jordan or Syria or even faraway Iran, but, it […]

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