Original Nobility: Thoughts on Education

Ecology Viewed from the Right

I am now a few years into fatherhood. With many on the Right, I’ve pondered the best means insulating my children from the degeneracy of contemporary society while inculcating the virtues and mindset of the heroic, traditional world. It is clear that the True Right must develop a distinctive culture that sets it apart from the corrupt mainstream, and this includes the education of our young. It must differ from that of the modern liberal democrat, whose desired result is a compliant citizen, consumer, and office drone. Needless to say, it must also differ from education as envisioned by the contemporary Left, rooted in culture-destroying and postmodern critical theory. Even the approach of the “traditionalist conservative” – who wants to preserve the classical curriculum and Latin for their own sakes and to maintain a kind of stasis in society and culture – is insufficient. The aim is not merely to…

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