A new nobility in the making, finale. As well as: A proposed alternative to both autocracy and (mass) democracy

To the Edge of Time

The principle of the Universe behind this system

I am aware of the bold claim behind this sentence. It sounds rather implausible that God, or the Universe, would give human a flawless system of governance that might have not existed already. Isn’t the world meant to be repeating forever cycles of decay and rise?

In my opinion, this should not be the case.

In the ancient tribal systems, the post of chieftain was chosen by the people of the tribe. While it was hereditary in many cases, it’s not an absolute heredity like the monarchs in later times. The chieftain was expected to give good ruling in his lifetime, and if he appeared to be incompetent, the tribe could expel him or replace with another man as leader.

When tribes came together to form coalitions, tribal chieftains, or the chieftains and the most important people from each tribes (usually accomplished…

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