Backstory Behind Israel’s Bombing of the Associated Press Building

Digital Empire

Yesterday, a residential tower in Gaza was bombed by the Israeli military.  The Associated Press, or the AP – the name that you might be more familiar with, had been operating in this building for over 15 years.

I mentioned before that Netanyahu is extremely easy to provoke. A man with no character. A child dressed in grown up clothing. Was I merely joking or casting hyperbole?

I’ve also implied in the image up above, that the mentality within the ranks of the Israeli leadership, military, and even the civilian population in many documented cases, is a mentality which is filled with the lust for death and destruction. All 3 parts of Israeli society often forgo the effort to make the distinction between militant targets and civilian lives. 

There is an exception to this. Only a handful of Israelis have protested the military’s targeting of Gaza’s civilians; far too few…

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