Thinking Critically: A Guide To Modern Media

Storm Of Ideas

Authors: Nate Armstrong IG @natearmstrong313 and Dokken Storm IG @dokken_storm

Picture created by Nate Armstrong

Truth is not a democracy, its very essence does not require a majority rule. Nothing that is true requires hiding or censorship to make sure it is held as truth, the nature of truth holds belief in itself by itself.

The purpose of writing this article is to help our family and friends realize the truth of the situation they live in, that they survive in a seamless aquarium built by the lies from the masters of the media screen (whether that be computer phone or T.V). They were promised freedom but now live content inside their safe space like a tamed lion, not even questioning the shrinking space of their cages.

The amount of propaganda that people are hit with every day is astounding. It’s unbelievable (and a little frustrating) that this propaganda works…

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