Order of Man – Choosing a Career, Combating Wokeness, Advice for First Time Fathers

Choosing a Career, Combating “Woke” Culture, and Advice for First-Time Fathers

Order of Man
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Published on May 26, 2021
Join Ryan Michler for another ASK ME ANYTHING, a show dedicated to helping men step fully into their role as protector, provider, and presider. Hit Ryan up on Instagram at https://orderofman.link/instagram-ryan and share what’s working in your life.

2:24 What’s one piece of advice for a first-time father that I won’t hear anywhere else?
4:04 What are three non-negotiable rules for building a successful podcast?
8:45 What are your thoughts on building a business with little to no money?
11:55 What will the world look like in 20 years?
13:25 How does one choose a career or business to get into?
19:20 If Order of Man didn’t exist today, what would you be doing?
23:07 What have you done to motivate yourself when you hit rock bottom?
26:18 How can one prepare for a career change when there are so many unknowns?
28:23 Do you have a current coach or mentor that you regularly meet?
30”03 What advice would you give to a teenage boy?
31:18 How do you get on the same page as your spouse?
34:12 How do you combat the growing woke culture in a blue-collar economy?
38:45 Do you have scientific resources that suggest you should or should not take the vaccine?
39:25 How can I be more a capable man when protecting my family and dealing with an illness?
40:37 How can I get others to see that I’m working on myself?
45:05 When speaking with a woke liberal, what subject could be common ground?
47:06 Do you think the technology that we utilize is good or a hindrance?
49:45 Militare or college?
50:35 What’s your favorite pizza topping?
51:17 What do you use to motivate yourself when you wake up feeling like crap?
53:05 How can you encourage kids to follow in the family business?

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