Israel’s Iron Dome and its Lessons

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Just recently, Hamas punched the Israeli Iron Dome full of holes. The Iron Dome is an Israeli missile defense system which was supposed to protect Israel from enemy missile and artillery attacks. While the Iron Dome was highly successful, Hamas fired 130 rockets against Tel Aviv, piercing through the Iron Dome’s defence.

Iron Dome was successful against single missiles, but proved unable to fully deal with a coordinated attack. Hamas appears to have used cheap ballistic rockets as “chaff” to protect more expensive Grad rockets, which have a range of 40 kilometers. Israel was for some time aware that Libanon’s Hezbollah has the ability to fire 500 rockets a day, which is far more than what the Iron Dome can deal with.

Further, there is an issue of cost. Iron Dome cost 2,5 to 3 billion USD; if each of Hamas’ rockets cost a thousand USD, then Hamas has achieved…

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One thought on “Israel’s Iron Dome and its Lessons

  1. I watched a couple of videos on Youtube. The comments sections were rife with blue pilled memers dismissing the rockets as simply irrational behavior. Looking back with hindsight, Netanyahu could have saved himself a lot of humilitation by simply insisting on negotiations rather than attempting to control the entire battleground.

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