What’s Better Than Freedom?

We could, well within reach, have a world where handiwork, craftwork song and saga are the premier entertainments. There is still time, the system might be a husk, but we still have human capitol. Such a world would likely render excess partisinal politick obsolete, and wouldn’t that be beautiful?”

-This man puts pen to paper and puts words with which the way I can only express by feeling such sentiment.


The Sperg Box

*This was written the morning after the American Electoral Vote officially closed, I have no serious predictions about it because that implies I think any of this actually matters. Why would it, when there is really only one candidate and one party, indivisible, under ZOG? That said, by the time you read this there may be a new president, and we can all hold hands and pretend like the change of haircut matters when the speech never changes. But I doubt it, I think the ballot count will be stalled for quite some time. For Americans, this has been a particularly gruesome few months with places few and far between one can go to in order to escape the table talk of prospecting idiots. If I didn’t already live in the woods, I would tell you to go live in the woods, but the woods isn’t safe either. What follows…

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