Manlet.TV Pilot


The Sperg Box

(Jared Kirk Johnson – better known to his friends as J-Rad – is getting ready for the day. He is brushing his teeth, camera is zoomed in to show his dedication and intensity. The song ‘du hast’ by Rammstein slowly fades in. As he spots his toothpaste into the sink basin, camera pans out slightly to show how jacked he is. As ‘du hast’ ends and J-Rad finishes gargling, the camera pans out to show that J-Rad is standing on an M. Heimbach brand milkcrate. Dramatic violin music replaces metal. Cue arbitrary British narrator.)

Narrator: J-Rad is a (dramatic pause) manlet. He wants you to know that a manlet is not a midget, because midgets are never swole AF, based or redpilled. This is J-Rad, and this is his life. This is (dramatic music interlude) True Life Manlet Nationalism. (Fade to black.)

(Fade in, slowly. Sound of crashing weight plates…

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