buT waT if ur RONG?

Barter and trade systems for communities, run by community people, can help facilitate with other communities and fortify the value of the community concept itself will help build communities!

The Sperg Box

Clear blue skies overhead. Super Mario 64 clouds, big, white and cartoonish. Road beneath my wheels is a blur, so is the green beside. What did the old man from Back to the Future say? When we hit 88mph shit’s gonna get weird? I sure hope so. Rob Zombie is blazing, and I feel good.

Why not? I’m a Millennial. One of the chosen. I survived the great bank crisis of 2045 when the Boomers started dieing off en masse, and “taking it with them” when they went as a last hurrah. Unable to manage the reverse mortgages, sudden withdrawals and bequests to Africa, banks began shutting down. Most of the big cities zero summed when not even Big ZOG could lie and say the riots would be peaceful. The BLM movement rooted so hard that a fissure of time and space simply deleted the urban zones leaving eery tarmac…

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