Big Seal Bull Rescued

This is the most uplifting thing I’ve come across since, well, seems like forever man! Good stuff!


Large seal bulls are incredibly strong and rescues are tricky. Some bulls are simply too big for the rescue net, but this one was still able to fit in. The rescuers from OCN had to choose their rescue strategy carefully because one small mistake or error in judgement can lead to severe injuries for the team or the animal.

The bright white plastic packaging strap was clearly visible from far away and did not seem to have caused injury to the animal yet, which is always good news for the rescuers, because the animal might feel discomfort , but he is not in pain yet, and Naude succeeds in immobilising the seal with the help of the OCN rescue net. All 4 rescuers are needed to hold him down – two rescuers to push him into the sand, one rescuer to secure the net from the bottom, and the fourth…

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