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    You've been saving for years. A little from this week's paycheck, a little from this year's bonus, Christmas money from grandma. Maybe you've joined the 57 million Americans now working in the gig economy, just to be able to accelerate your saving for a down payment on your first home. And now, as prices skyrocket…
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    A speech presented to the Yale University School of Marketing on Mistaken Day[1] (June 8th), 2022, by the truly distinguished Dr. Richard N. Wagner, M.D., a Navy veteran of Desert Storm: “I had fantasies of unloading an executive order as mayor of Valhalla, NY, mandating large KOSHER CERTIFIED stamps in bloody red fonts on anything…
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    Move over, Nextdoor- there's a new neighborhood safety on the block! It's hardcore! It's all about crime! And it's definitely not feeding your location, post, and emotional response data into a technological leviathan with octopus-like tendrils into all facets of surveillance technology. Actually, that's exactly what is happening. Citizen made headlines in early June for…
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    One of the nation's largest meat suppliers, JBS USA, was brought to its knees for almost a week after another round of ransomware attacks on its critical IT infrastructure. This panic-inducing attack was preceded by similar attacks on Colonial Pipeline, Microsoft Exchange Server, Evergreen, U.S. hospital infrastructure, and SolarWinds. Operations have resumed and normalized, but…
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    Critical Kosher Theory is primarily derived from 1) the 2019 consumer research conducted by the KosChertified? Team titled “A Quantitative Study on Kosher Certification: Seal Visibility and Public Awareness“, 2) the book by Suzanne Bousquet “From Kosher to Halal: When Greed, Politics and the Sneaky Destruction of Western Civilization Intertwine”, and 3) from the experiences…

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