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In the deep state of the Right Wing (such as it is,) the word “nuance” has taken on a renaissance of late. Nuance, nuance, nuance. The Right Wing is like a thirteen year old, when it learns a new word as a Movement it proceeds to abuse that word. Overuse breeds contempt. But there you go, one must smile and be patient as with any child and take the time to appreciate that kind of innocent joy that comes from learning new things. It strikes me that Webster, Funk & Wagnall could up and redefine the word thus; “nuance; a needless overcomplication of an otherwise easy thing to grasp.” That being said, my approach to spirituality is nuanced. You may now groan. Or if your arm is long enough to hit me with a rock if I’ve ever hiked with you, go ahead. Hit me.

In short, my beliefs can…

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