Oh No Ukraine

The American Sun

It did not take long. Worrying about where the Deep State would start something, we missed Ukraine. It had been quiet for so long. Just a couple months into the Biden administration, suddenly, tensions are rising and cease fires are over.

The Deep State wants a return to 2015 with everything picking up where it left off. In 2015, figures like Edward Luttwak discussed how America was sleepwalking into conflict with both China and Russia with its moves in the Pacific, Europe and Syria. For all his mouthiness, Trump was wise to avoid these potential war starters. We are back at square one.

People call President Biden China Joe, but he still uses confrontational language sometimes. The Department of Defense is still leaking war game results where China beats America in a Pacific dispute. The pivot to Asia has happened. Trump’s confrontation of China made the Biden team stick…

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