How to Bypass Google’s Fake News

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Flashback to 2014. Crimea’s referendum to return home to Russia.  This is what I do to bypass all the fake mainstream media news.  When doing a search on Google, add a minus sign in front of the words that you want to exclude from the search results. Example:

crimea 2014 referendum -npr -ctvnews -time -bbc -forbes -newyorker -cnn -theguardian -reuters -slate -nato -washingtonpost

This will automatically prune dozens of articles published by the above listed websites.

Aaaahahahaha wew Trudeau canada

Crimeans overwhelmingly vote to secede from Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine  — Fireworks exploded and Russian flags fluttered above jubilant crowds Sunday after residents in Crimea voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. The United States and Europe condemned the ballot as illegal and destabilizing and were expected to slap sanctions against Russia for it.

Ukraine’s new government in Kiev called the referendum a “circus” directed at gunpoint by Moscow — referring to…

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