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On mainstream news sites, these terms are always presented in a good light

-expanding the balance sheet

-bull market

-cap rate

What these things essentially mean in simple terms are as follows.

-dropping money directly into the accounts of usurers

-stocks rise in price but not necessarily in value

-the expected rate of return on house flipping (buying cheap houses and selling them for up to 500% markup)

The persisting finance dogmaTrickle down economics.

This is the way that money flows presently.

Central banks>government>banks & megacorporations>loans>wage slavery>back to banks & megacorporations>back to government>back to central banks.

This supposedly creates “money velocity” – the false impression that the economy is somehow functioning properly.

Covid 19 stimulus (and things similar to it).

Now imagine if the money flowed like this instead:

Central banks>government>income assistance, stimulus checks (on top of wages and salaries earned)>retailers & suppliers & manufacturers>taxes>back to government>back to…

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