Does Your Nationalism Suck?

The American Sun

Does Your Nationalism Suck?

Why do we Lose?

Nationalism keeps losing. I’m not just talking about ethnonationalism, with the embarrassing failures of the movement and the widespread frustrations. Civic Nationalism keeps losing. National Bolshevism keeps losing. Southern Nationalism keeps losing. We spent the entirety of the 20th century watching various factions in the West fail to have any semblance of a coherent nation state which sees its own people as its first (or only) priority. Even in cases like Ireland, the struggle for independence was won – only to see a severe degradation, including open borders and demographic displacement championed by the very people who once fought bravely for their homeland.

Why is this? You might point to the power imbalance, that the world system uses hard power to stop nationalism: all cultural, governmental, and societal institutions are oriented against us. Let’s call this Problem A. Ever since the…

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