Will Technology Spell the End of Language-Learning?

Absolutely brilliant insight

Operation X

Written by Dyami Millarson

Imagine a near future where some sort of AI-augmented Google Translate can do all the language-learning and translating for us. Google Translate and similar technologies are still in their infancy, but one can easily imagine a near future where such technologies may beat us in every possible way. What does this mean for language-learning, translation work and language-teaching in schools?

In a near future where modern technology is capable of beating us at language-learning in every possible way, it may come as a surprise that a large amount of dedicated individuals, such as myself, will continue learning languages. I see learning languages as a way to connect with people, technology has no human heart, soul and mind. Technology may mimick human emotions, but humans have been endowed with the faculty of mood since time immemorial. To my mind, language-learning is a social activity and it will…

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