The End of Sin…

It has dawned on me that Protestant wings of Christianity have now normalized acceptance of homosexuality and it is welcome in the Church. There is a passage in the bible that states that a man shall not lie with another man…it is a sin…

Apparently, this has been stricken from the record. It doesn’t even matter that the fisting guys are over there now. That’s not my concern.

My concern is that the good book is revocable. The word of God is subject to updates/revisions/remixes/etc.

Now if the Cocoa Shunters no longer are in sin, then one might as well throw the entire fucking thing away for EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO REVOCATION. The concept of SIN ITSELF IS UP FOR A GLOBOHOMO UPGRADE.

Throw the entire fucking thing away. The tolerance and acceptance is a defeat.

One Comment on “The End of Sin…

  1. When I was in College I majored in Theology. The road to hell is paved with good intentions (and bits of spine lost.)

    The professors were bound by the Catechism of the Vatican 2, which while unimpressive in light of say, anything Tridentine, was nevertheless binding to their conscience. Still, the idea of ‘love the sinner and not the sin,’ was too far to the right and was actively subverted by the academia.

    It’s not surprising, but still sad, the state of things. It’s only a matter of time, there is no shortage of ranked opinion (read future doctrine, if not dogma) saying that the Good Book is metaphor, and that there is no Big T truth because God could never reveal it – thus there is no sin in relatavism because how dare you put limits on my metaphorical God.


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