Can Afrikaans Be Divorced From Politics?

Operation X

Written by Dyami Millarson

I have thought long and hard before writing up this article, because I do not even want to mention the word ‘politics’. It seems that the mention of Afrikaans inevitably invokes a political discussion about apartheid, and we do not delve into politics on this blog, because there is no reason to politicise language, culture and worldview. I deemed it fitting to address this issue, because Afrikaans is neither a political sin nor is it inextricably linked with any particular historical regime or political ideology; Afrikaans is not the language of apartheid anymore than Frisian is a separatist language of people desiring to break free from oppressive Dutch rule, German is a Hitlerian or Marxist language, English is a Trumpian or Victorian language, Chinese is a Moaist or Qing Dynasty language, Arabic is an extremist or terrorist language, Italian is a Mussolini-styled fascist language, Russian is…

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