Digital Empire

Hate crimes, thievery, and fake news. How do you deal with the global mess laid bare before us? Remember that we do not control their actions; these people who relentlessly subvert quietly functioning nations. Instead, try to focus on how to improve yourself spiritually and physically.

The word written on his chestplate and his shield says “Holy.” Or ‘svetiya’ in Bulgarian.

Get fit, eat healthy, count your blessings. The news is always bad, and anytime that anything good is ever printed, it’s always a Kim Kardashian endorsement. It’s as if they want us demoralized, while hopelessly trying to emulate the lifestyles of the rich and famous. At its core, this is what is called the imposition of modern idolatry. A soft programming of human behavior that leads nowhere except unto ruin. The celebrities themselves mostly won’t have any clue.

So instead of letting them program us like they would with…

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