FTN 392

FTN 414: Cluck Breaking fash-the-nation's podcast

Episode Topics: 00:00:00 – 124 Years of No Loo to Poo 00:20:00 – Bye Bye Bibi 00:30:00 – Gargantuan Anti-Semitic White Pill 00:45:00 – 2024 Shots 01:00:00 – The Great Consolidation 01:20:00 – The Water Work 01:40:00 – Cluck Breaking 02:09:00 – BREAK 02:12:00 – Block Breaking 02:42:00 – Impossible Mortgage 03:00:00 – Foreclose the Nation 03:10:00 – Macro-Targeting WG 03:20:00 – Legion "Młode Lwy"

Jazznds and James reveal a coveted pro-tip when ordering Skyline Chili, the FTN Artbook aka FTN Memeology 2019-2020 has been cleared for launch on 3/26, and the coomer shooter shots have been compiled, from the superficial finkelfight and activist Japas who have commandeered the Stop the Asian Hate movement, to the very elaborate Jewish financial schemes that underpin the vast Asian Massage Parlor sex slave economy. After the break, the mmmbuds return to FTN’s roots for some political analysis of the upcoming Israeli elections and jignat tricks underway to ensure Bibi’s re-election. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN!

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