Fracture CIA

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Repost as an answer to dismantlingthe IC

Destroy CIA. Fracture it and scatter it to the winds to paraphrase President Kennedy. Pitch it as reform, but let’s do it. Take advantage of opportunities to drain the swamp to also destroy different cathedral nodes. The empire is going to end, so let’s start disassembling its pieces. The publicwaffleswithlukewarmsupport ofCIA. A proper PR campaign can help. This should not be hard to create and shove in people’s faces. The final result needs to be a splintered CIA.

Keep in mind that if not for the current reorg going on in CIA right now, they would be full speed ahead with regime change. The Pentagon is tired of it. An opportunity will arise as or provided that Trump radically alters our Syria strategy (ed: sort of happened) . A simple Congressional autopsy of what exactly happened…

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