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The Sperg Box

Mind and Memory. I take it for granted, that you can’t have Memory without Mind. After all, Odin may fear for Muninn, but who but Huginn brings the news to bear? Without generation and creation, what use is conservation and celebration? What use is memory without anything to remember?

In my mind, Hugr, I can recall much. But something I remember clearly is a chorus from a song I listened to often as a boy. „sie Gedanken sind frei,“ your thoughts are free. It came from a Megaherz song, and unlike the song „Dalai Llama“ whose chorus of „wir müssen leben bis wir sterben“ sticks with me to this day, I cannot for the life of me remember the contex. Are your thoughts free? We think of free thoughts and wandering minds, but really, do we think of what the mind is? What it means?

It is a chicken and…

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