We Need New Watchdogs

The American Sun

In the last year, the talk of a new Cold War has grown. America must face the Chinese threat. It is not just economic and military power, but China offers a different ideology that is an alternative to woke capital. This threat even inspired a new Long Telegram (The Longer Telegram) paying homage to Kennan’s Long Telegram that kicked off the need for the United States to get real about the Anglo-Soviet split. This new Cold War is dead on arrival. We do not have an elite that wants to fight it. We do not have an intelligence community to even begin to understand the enemy.

If one doubts this, just evaluate the American handling of the War on Terror. A book published in the Trump era should remove any hopes you had that America’s spy agencies are capable of understanding our enemies, let alone fight them. The…

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2 Comments on “We Need New Watchdogs

  1. If there was a new cold war of the U.S. against China it would be a neurotic haphazard take considering many of the upper echelon of folks in media and corporations have links to China.

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  2. China is spreading out as far as it can ’cause it knows their time is limited. Buying up American farmland, colonizing Canada, Australia, the U.S. and leveraging African countries to boost Chinese favorability & setting up African bases.

    China’s Reckoning: Demographic Collapse

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