Patterned Confusionalism

In the Mind's Eye

In looking for a larger underlying pattern, the one thing I have noticed that runs through all the major themes living in society today both on and off the web, is that confusion reigns supreme. Absolutely. It doesn’t matter which subject you look at: religion, medicine, politics, identity, agriculture, climate, science, energy, you name it, its divisive to the point of utter confusion.


There is a movement afoot – a quiet one almost entirely off the radar – to create an amalgamation of those religions, a movement documented by Jeff Sharlet in two books titled C Street and The Family, where an effort to create “Chrislam” – a strange amalgam of American fundamentalist Christianity and Islam – is surveyed. What the second article suggests is that this movement is not just a strange one-off conjured in the Lying Circus in Swampington D.C., but that similar thinking and agendas are…

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